Our Mission


Thrive Langton – providing community intervention to help people with their well being

We are a community-led initiative whose goal is to help each other to live well. We create workshops, courses and activities, which make us healthier and happier, and more robust in our physical and mental well-being.

– We strongly believe no one should suffer in silence or struggle with their well-being
– Together we can tackle anxiety and stress and aim towards achieving our full potential
– We will run creative activities to help us learn new skills and arm ourselves with coping strategies and tools for when life is hard
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How Did We Get Here?


The last couple of years have been tough for lots of people. The social isolation, reduced freedoms, and work/school insecurity has been difficult to navigate. 

This shared experience has exposed a dramatic increase in the number of people suffering anxiety, stress and reduced social confidence, while also highlighting the gap in the number and availability of services to support them.

We strongly believe no one should feel isolated or be left to struggle with their well-being. As a community, we have helped each other through difficult times, and so Thrive Langton has been created to officially continue and extend this good work.

Thrive Langton’s aim is to advance the physical and emotional health and well-being of those individuals and families living, working, studying or volunteering within the community of Langton Green.

Activities For All Ages


Some people don’t know how to ask for help, while others often don’t know what they specifically need if they do. But we do know that isolation and reduced confidence is truly debilitating, and keeping our heads down and ploughing on is never helpful in the long term.

Getting outdoors and shifting our perspective – even if only for an hour or two – and engaging with others, can make a positive difference to how we feel. But sometimes we all need a gentle nudge to do what’s good for us.

We are developing activities for people of all ages in Langton Green that help build resilience and make connections. From creative activities where participants can learn new skills to mindfulness courses that develop coping strategies, arming people with the tools they need when life is hard. 

We live in a beautiful part of the world – taking notice of our green spaces and spending time outdoors gives us all the chance of maintaining positive mental health and well-being. We will use nature and our bespoke Thrive Yurt to host regular programmes designed to bring fresh perspective to our outlooks and help achieve our full potential.

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